News - Feature Summary


To create a news item click the '+' in the app and 'new' on the website.  Restricted admins can only send news to access groups they have admin control over.  When you send a news item, a push notification goes to registered smartphone members, whilst members manually entered or those without the app receive an e-mail.

Features in News:

  • Add photos & videos. 
  • Feature content for prominent display.
  • Add location (Google Maps).
  • Control visibility by access groups. 
  • Send immediate notification or schedule for a later date.
  • Send e-mail in addition to push notifications.
  • Enable comments from members.

How to Create:

  • Tap News from the main screen.
  • Tap on the + to start.
  • Add the information required then press 'Create'.

Note: If uploading an image it should be a PNG or JPG and no more than 20MB in size. Videos should be in MP4 format and no more than 100MB in size (admin can upgrade to Premium Video to allow video uploads of 1GB in size and photos 100MB).

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