Schedules - Feature Summary


Schedules align with teams you create in the Teams feature of your app. You can edit your schedules by pressing the 'manage' button on the website or via the 'teams' feature in the app. You choose between manual entry, displaying a website (URL) or attaching a PDF file. Schedules entered for each team are visible via your Schedules feature and/or the Teams feature, depending on which buttons are turned on.

IMPORTANT: The Schedule feature is different from Events with a separate calendar for each. Schedules align to teams so are generally used for training and games.

Features in Schedules (PDF & weblink):

  • Link to website (URL).
  • Attach PDF files (via website only).

Features in Schedules (Manual Entry):

  • Enable RSVP's so you know who can play each week.
  • Turn on attendance tracking.
  • Create a single event or a recurring series.
  • Set automated reminders (eg. 2-hours before).
  • Add photos or videos.
  • Feature content.
  • Add location (Google Maps).
  • Members can subscribe to their personal calendar.
  • Send immediate notification or choose to send later.
  • Send e-mail in addition to push notifications.
  • Enable commets from members.

How to Create:

1. Tap Schedule or Teams from the main screen.

2. Tap on Manage Teams.

3. You are redirected to Teams feature, then press + to start.

4. Add Team details then press 'Create'.

Note: You enter manual schedules after you have saved your team.  Only manually entered schedules will appear as a feature on your Team App website homepage.

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