Chat - Feature Summary


Chat rooms can be created via the app or website. A full admin can can restrict chat room creation to admin only via the chat button on the website dashboard. Chat rooms are a secure environment for your members as only members in the selected Access Groups can see or participate in the discussion.  Members can only private message with others within their own access group.

Features in Chat:

  • Private or group chat.
  • Add photos or videos.
  • Real-time notifications.
  • Members can toggle notifications on/off for each specific chat thread.

How to Create (chats can also be created via the website) :

1. Tap Chat from the main screen.

2. Tap on the + to start.

3. Choose your preferred method to Chat:

Private Chat is a discussion between individual members.

Access Group Chat is a group chat with members of the chosen groups.

All Members is mass communication to all members (only full admin can create).

How to Restrict Members From Creating Rooms:

1. Tap on the drop-down option and pick 'Admins Only' (via website dashboard).

Note: Chat rooms are ordered by the most recent comment and only the top 35 rooms will show in the app.

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