Standings - Feature Summary


Standings align with teams you create in the Teams feature of your app. You can edit your standings by pressing the Manage button on the website or via the Teams feature in the app. You choose between displaying a website (URL) or attaching a PDF file. Standings entered for each team are visible via your Standings feature and/or the Teams feature, depending on which buttons are turned on.

Features in Standings:

  • Link to website (URL).
  • Attach a PDF files.
  • Unlimited team entries.

How to Create:

1. Tap Standings or Teams from the main screen.

2. Tap on Manage Teams.

3. You are redirected to Teams feature press + start.

4. Add Team details then press 'Create'.

Note: PDF files can only be added from the website dashboard. If you want to remove any content or a team entirely, please go to the Teams feature on your website dashboard. 

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