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Iain Mc Corquodale wrote...
I am using Team App for a running club, and we offer an annual membership fee. How best can I set up a way to get people to pay for their membership, ideally on a rolling calendar? Does this exist, or is it a feature request?

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      Craig. R (Team App Support) replied...


      You can 'assign payments' to specific groups of members, which includes reminders etc... but this cannot be delayed to go out each month.  But you could create access groups called for example Membership - January, Membership - February and so on....and hide those groups from view but place members into them and assign a membership product to them for payment...?

      We also enable the creation of 'membership cards' when creating a store item, and these can be given 'date ranges' of when they are active - but payment has to be made at time of purchase, it cannot be delayed.

      Please watch this short video for guidance on Store:

      Kind regards,


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