Ray Meyer wrote...
One item raised at our last association meeting was whether we could setup a forum for parents to buy/sell/trade serviceable equipment that their players have outgrown. It seemed that Team App might be an appropriate place to offer something like this.

I guess I would envision a template somewhat similar to the News section. An association member can create an ad with a photo, text, links. They can choose whether to scope it to a team, the full association membership, or public. The poster could also add an end date to their posting, for automatic archival after that date.

Unlike the News section, there wouldn't be any notifications associated with this, at least initially. Maybe in the future there might be an option for members to subscribe to new postings, but this would not be part of my initial suggestion.

Thanks for your efforts!
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      Daniel replied...

      Hi Ray,

      Thank you for the feedback and using Team App with your Association. I'll pass your request over to the Product Team and have them consider it for future development. It's not currently on the radar right now, though it doesn't mean it can't be something looked at when free development time opens up.



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