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Aaron Chapman wrote...
I have been asked by some clubs to add their general email address to receive email notifications. This generally applies to registrar@ or treasurer@ club addresses). I've already created the members and assumed they would receive an email and the individuals would receive notifications.

Can you please confirm members with "no account" will receive email notifications.

If not, do those addresses need to be verified by somebody logging in?

How can I make this work?
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    Craig. R (Team App Support) replied...


    Any member you enter with an e-mail into your member's list will receive a welcome e-mail advising they've been added to your team.  They then have a choice to sign-up to Team App or not - if they don't they'll have a 'no account' badge.

    However, they will receive e-mail correspondence from your team based on the access group they belong to.  They have a choice to click 'unsubscribe' on any e-mail they receive if they don't want e-mails.

    We will update that 'no account' reference to make it clearer what it means.  

    Kind regards,


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