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Allen Moore wrote...
Someone my previous post was deleted so I will try to post it again.

Years ago when I would speak with Phillip I requested an even detail feature to input items such as Home/Away team, Court/Field number and uniform color. I see some items have been added but is there a way to customize it even more? This is available within Team Snap and would limit confusion. Yes there is a details option when creating an event but a lot of people do not look in that section so having it available in the push notification and at the top would help. Thank you!
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      Daniel replied...

      Hi Allen,

      Your request has been passed over to the product team for review. They'll provide me with an update should your feature be approved and placed into the pipeline for development.



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          Coach Allen replied...
          Any update to this? It has been over a year.
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              Craig. R (Team App Support) replied...


              Thanks for following up - we don't have any update on this.  It's not something often requested and hasn't been pushed as a priority above other developments sorry.

              So I can't provide a timeline for this feature.

              Kind regards,


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