CV19 Contact tracing

Dallas wrote...
hi all
wonder if Team App can be modded to add a CV19 contact tracing option?
With new levels of restrictions coming out we need a resource to gather and contain a list of who attends where and when.

Vic Guide -

Our group would love to add this 'form' for all who attend and when they leave etc.

Shared/Family accounts would need to be able to I.D. parents and youth members as separate identities.
With 6 week lockdown we can improve the app and gain the records needed.
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      Daniel replied...

      Hi Dallas,

      Thank you for the inquiry. Please see this video on our attendance tracking and RSVP features, which should achieve exactly what you are looking for:

      If you'd like some assistance in getting this started, don't hesitate to reach out to me at this link and we can conduct an online screen share session:



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