Teams - Feature Summary


In Teams, you enter relevant content such as schedules, standings, team selection (free form entry) and coaches contact information. When a team is created it will appear in the Schedules, Standings, Live Scores and Voting features of your app. Teams differ from Access Groups, in that Teams enable you to manage the display of information in your app, whilst access groups are created to help manage communication with your members.

Features in Teams:

  • Weblink fixtures & standings (URL).
  • Attach PDF's.
  • Enter training and gameday schedules (manual entry).
  • Select teams and notify members.

How to Create:

  • Tap Teams from the main screen.
  • Tap on the + to create.
  • Add Team details then press 'Create'.

Note: If entering a Map location please enter a specific street address if possible.

Note: Send Notifications sends out one notification to your choice of Access Group advising that teams have been updated. You can edit a team to announce to them individually.  To re-order the position of your teams simply click and drag the team name up or down (website only).

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