Why am I not receiving notifications or seeing in my app all the information I require?

Team App communicates via access groups, enabling admins to send content to specific groups of members.   For example, send news about the upcoming committee meeting to only the 'committee' access group.   Or send a training video to just the 'players' access group and so on.

So if you are not receiving or seeing information as required, check the following;

  • You are logged into the app with the correct Team App account.
  • You are in the correct access group relevant to you - check this via your app settings / access groups.
  • Your access request to join the app has been approved - check this with your app's admin.
  • You have updated the app to the latest available version of Team App via the App Store or Google Play.

If any issues remain, please check with other members to see what they are seeing in their app, then follow up with the admin of your app.

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