Why have my members who RSVP'd yes gone onto a waiting list?

Why have my members gone onto a waiting list?:

When enabling RSVP's for an event, you can set a reply limit.  Anyone who replies 'yes' after this limit is reached will go onto a waiting list, which can be viewed in the details of the event.  If a member who said 'yes' changes to 'no', the first member on the waiting list will go into 'yes'.  

If everyone is on a waiting list, it's likely the admin has inadvertently set an RSVP limit of zero.  Check this via your team's website dashboard or app by 'editing' the event and updating the RSVP limit.


Haley Johnson

I really need people who are NOT members of the team to be able to RSVP to an event this Saturday. Help!

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Unfortunately this is not possible. Only people who are members of your app (ie. in your member's list) can RSVP to an event you create.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

          Haley Johnson

          This would be a good enhancement for the future. We often invite others (sponsors, community leaders, the public) to our events or fundraisers and they should not be required to register on the app if the event is “public”. Thanks. Haley.

              Craig. R (Team App Support)


              Thanks for the suggestion and I agree at times it would be a handy addition. But it would also just give you purely a number without any identity of who has said yes. So you may get hundreds of 'yes' replies with no identity or commitment as anyone 'public' can reply, plan for that many attendees and then have only half that show up, with no idea where all the replies have come from.

              We will think about a way to perhaps require non-members to provide a name or some form of identity if replying 'yes' - but any development in this space won't be short-term.

              Thanks again for your suggestion as I agree it's a good one.


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