What is the difference between events and schedules?

Events and Schedules are managed separately within the app and each have their own calendar.

Schedules align to teams that you create in the 'teams' section of your app.   With schedules you have a choice to link each team to a website, attach a PDF or create a manual schedule.   This section is generally used for training and games, where members can navigate via a menu to the team relevant to them.   All schedules are visible to all members of the app.  And if you create a manual schedule, whilst all members can see it, only the access groups you tick will receive alerts and notifications.   These groups will also be able to RSVP and have their attendance tracked if those features are enabled.

With the events button, they are all manual entry and only the members in the access groups you tick will be able to see that event in their app.   Events are generally used for things like committee meetings, social events and one-off tournaments.   Or you may want to use events for games and training if you are a single team.   

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