How do I invite members to join my app?

(relevant for admins only)

Go to your team's website dashboard at and utilise one or more of these options:

  • Click on invite/promote and select from one of many options to invite people to join - the e-mail invite is the post commonly used.
  • Click on the members' button and manually enter a prospective member - they will be sent an e-mail advising them on how to become a member of your app.   If they don't join the smartphone app they will remain an e-mail member (also called a 'manual' member).
  • From within the members' button click on 'bulk import' to import in your membership database (follow the step-by-step instructions closely on this page).   Again, anyone imported into your member's list will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to join your app.

Alternatively, via the smartphone app:

  • Click into your team's settings / admin settings / member management / invitations.   
  • Click the + sign at top right of screen to create an invitation which you can send via SMS or E-Mail.

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