Why have my members who RSVP'd yes gone onto a waiting list?

Why have my members gone onto a waiting list?:

When enabling RSVP's for an event, you can set a reply limit.  Anyone who replies 'yes' after this limit is reached will go onto a waiting list, which can be viewed in the details of the event.  If a member who said 'yes' changes to 'no', the first member on the waiting list will go into 'yes'.  

If everyone is on a waiting list, it's likely the admin has inadvertently set an RSVP limit of zero.  Check this via your team's website dashboard or app by 'editing' the event and updating the RSVP limit.


Kris Anderson

RSVP is not working.
IE RSVP's sent from aren't coming through on the admin page.
Mine is working as Admin, but other aren't working

      Phil. W

      Apologies, we had an issue with RSVP affecting a small number of users.
      Unfortunately your App was one of those.
      We are confident that the issue is fixed.
      Could you let me know if it happens again?


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