How do I delete a member from my app?

Deleting a member via the app:

  • Go to your team's home screen / settings / member management.
  • Select 'members' from the menu and select the member to be deleted.
  • Click the 3 x dots at top right of screen and select 'delete'.

Deleting a member via the website dashboard:

  • Go to your team's website dashboard via
  • Click on the members' button.
  • Find the member to be deleted, hit the 3 x dots icon and 'delete'.


Melodie Watson


We have 2 teams that we manage: Roswell XC & Roswell Track

If I delete a member from Roswell Track (e.g. that ran last season but is not running this season in Spring 2018) - will they still be on Roswell XC when that season comes in the fall? Mind you they signed up separately under both teams.


      Phil. W


      Each Team App is seperate. So doing something with a member on one app wont do anything on the other.


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