Why is my bulk import of members via CSV not working?

Bulk importing members is not working:

Follow the detailed step-by-step instructions on your team's website dashboard carefully (via members / bulk import).  Key things to remember are:

  • You must use one of Team App's blank CSV templates, not your own CSV/excel file.
  • You must not edit any columns, rows or headings at all.
  • All e-mail addresses must be valid and not duplicated in the file to be uploaded.

Note: A Team App template is required to ensure the information in each cell on the imported file is placed into the correct data field in the app.


Seattle Works

I am trying to upload members via a CSV file. I download the Team App CSV template, copy and paste the email addresses and names of the members, and save as a csv file to computer. I don't update or change any of the headings. When I try to upload it, it says "File type not accepted. Please upload text/csv files only." I'm following the TeamApp upload instructions so am not sure what else to do.

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Please attach the file you are trying to upload so I can review. If there are issues attaching it to this support thread, e-mail directly to craig@teamapp.com.

      And finally, you need to do this via the website dashboard on a PC, so please try a couple of browsers just in case that is the issue.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

          Sylvia Artiga

          I was able to do the bulk upload from a different browser. Thank you!


              Craig. R (Team App Support)

              Thanks for letting me know, glad it worked.

                  Did this solve your problem?