Can I make my app private?

Can I make my app private?:

When setting up your app, you can protect your information by creating access groups (via your website dashboard / access groups).  You can choose to 'lock' them so members require admin approval to join.  View our Help Videos for advice on creating access groups.

People not in access groups are classified as 'public' members.  They appear on your member's list (with a label of 'no access groups') and you can delete them any time.  Public members only see content you post to 'public'.  Anything posted to access groups is not visible to public members, so this is how you keep content private.

It is not possible to hide your team from a Team App search or from people browsing public content.



Hi, I’m the admin of the hinterland blues afl club on the team app and players are trying to join but it is saying application pending? But I have no request of people trying to join the club... so how do I fix this?

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      If you log-in at on a PC desktop, you should be able to see in the 'members' button those people requesting access.

      You will also only receive an access request on your smartphone app from people requesting access to groups you belong to. So 'edit' your own membership and place yourself in the 'players & officials' access group, and you should then receive access requests to your smartphone.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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