How do I update the welcome message on my team's homepage?

Updating the homepage welcome message:

A full admin can update via the website dashboard / design & appearance.


Angela Strickland

I want to send a message to the class. I wrote a heading and clicked ‘create’ thinking an area where I could type a small message would come up? It has just saved and all I have written is a subject line. How do I send a message to the class?

      Phil. W

      You are a restricted Admin for the App 'Indro SS parents App'
      As a restriction admin you can create news items from the App and send them to the access groups that your App administrator has given you access too.

      So you go into news, press the +, type your information, select which access group(s) you want to receive your message and Save.. And away it should go.. When I look up your App I cant see any messages that you have sent..

      So if you need some help can I suggest you contact the administrator of your App. Or send me a seperate email and attach some images and explain exactly the process you are doing so i can see if I can find your issue..


          Angela Strickland

          Thank you. Your instructions were super helpful. All sorted. Thanks so much.

          Kind regards
          Angela Strickland

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