Why can't I upload a PDF?

I can't upload PDF's:

Uploading PDF's in some web browsers can be problematic, particularly if on older versions of the browser.  Please try an alternative browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Safari if you are having issues.  PDF's can only be uploaded via the website dashboard, not from within the smartphone app.



I have admin access to the app on my phone but for some reason not on my computer. Therefore I cannot add PDF documents to the App. Could you please advise how i get the administrator access on both?

Thanks Karen

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      When I look at your Team App account under the e-mail of findon@pacific.net.au, you are not an admin of any apps. So I assume you perhaps have another Team App account under a different e-mail?

      So I assume on the website you are logged in under findon@pacific.net.au with no admin access, but perhaps logged in on the phone under a different account?

      Let me know your thoughts.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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