How should I transition from one season to another?

Transitioning from season-to-season:

Some tips for admins:

  • If your team is going up an age group you can simply re-name your Team App via your team's website dashboard / admin settings.
  • You can re-name your access groups, so for example re-name Under 13's to Under 14's as you know members are going up an age group.
  • Via your website dashboard / members / bulk edit members, you can easily manage members into access groups for the new season.
  • Via 'access groups', you can 'clear access groups' which involves removing members from existing access groups in bulk, enabling them to re-join new groups for the upcoming season.
  • Any button can be re-named and content such as schedules and standings can be updated to reflect the new season.


Christine Herrera

Is there a way that I can archive the member lists so that i dont have to delete members and have them re-sign up every season?

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Yes, please go to your team's website dashboard, then click into 'access groups' and then select the 'clear access groups' button.

      In there you can clear members from your chosen groups, so they will remain in your member's list but will be regarded as 'public' members only. Then next time they access your app they will be prompted to join an access group relevant to them for the new season.

      So this may provide the ideal solution for season-to-season transition?

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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