How should I transition from one season to another?

Transitioning from season-to-season:

Some tips for admins:

  • If your team is going up an age group you can simply re-name your Team App via your team's website dashboard / admin settings.
  • You can re-name your access groups, so for example re-name Under 13's to Under 14's as you know members are going up an age group.
  • Via your website dashboard / members / bulk edit members, you can easily manage members into access groups for the new season.
  • Via 'access groups', you can 'clear access groups' which involves removing members from existing access groups in bulk, enabling them to re-join new groups for the upcoming season.
  • Any button can be re-named and content such as schedules and standings can be updated to reflect the new season.


Thomas Moore

How do I make a recurring schedule or event for the first Thursday of each month. I must have missed it in the directions if possible.

Thank you,

Tom Moore


      Hi Thomas,

      Apologies, I thought I had sent you a reply but didn't go through.

      We don't currently have this but it's a great suggestion that I will pass on to our development team to see how it can be implemented.

      Please let us know if you have any other questions.



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