How do I delete my team app?

How do I delete my team?:

Hopefully you can assign admin control to another member, but if you really want to permanently delete your team: 

  • Go to your website dashboard via
  • Click the 'admin settings' button.
  • Click on the delete option.

Or via the app:

  • Go to your team's home screen.
  • Click into 'settings' via top right of screen.
  • Select 'app settings' and scroll down to the delete option.

Any full admin can follow the above process to delete a team.  If a team is deleted but you need it restored, please contact us via this support link with the details so we can review re-instating it.


Father Martin

I created the attached group but no longer can access it. Can it be deleted please as it will confuse anyone wanting to join the new one we are testing. It’s 1926 Company (photo attached) that needs deleting.

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    Craig. R (Team App Support)


    I have deleted this duplicate app for you.

    Kind regards,
    Craig - Team App Support

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