What if someone else has created an app for my club already?

What is an app has been created for my club already?:

Request to become a member of your team, and if appropriate request to be given admin approval (eg. you are an official or the coach).  If you believe your club has been created by someone without authority or you are not able to get access, please contact Team App via this support link to lodge a complaint.


Ralph Gabriel

I created a Team App for HHS Wrestling when I was at a different school district with the email Ralph.Gabriel at MNPS.Orrick I’ve been using the app on my phone for at least three years today all of a sudden my app asked me to create a new team or login when I login with ralph.gabriel@mnps.org it asked for my password I entered the password that I created that is also save them my phone and it tells me it’s an error I have been the administrator of this team and now I can’t get on the app at all what it be possible to change my email to Ralph.Gabriel@ Sumner schools.or and allow me to be the administrator of HHS Wrestling again

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      You are an admin of HHS Wrestling under e-mail of: ralph.gabriel@mnps.org.

      So please log-in using these details:

      E-Mail: ralph.gabriel@mnps.org
      P'Word: gabriel123

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

          Ralph Gabriel

          I tried logging in to the app but it once I put in the email and hit continue it asks if I am sure I want to make a new account. If I say yes it asks for a security code which is sent to ralph.gabriel@mnps.org which is an email that doesn’t work. Can you just switch my email on the account to ralph.gabriel@sumnerschools.org with the password commando17

              Craig. R (Team App Support)

              Yes, I believe I did that and confirmed that info on a separate supper message you had sent through from a different e-mail.

              Kind regards,

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