What is a restricted admin and what privileges do they have?

What is a restricted admin?:

A restricted admin (RA) can do most things a full admin can do, but only for the access groups they have been assigned to manage.  They do not have access to the dashboard so cannot change any of the features / design of your app.  

RA privileges are assigned by a full admin by editing a member's card.  A member must be in one or more access groups before they can be assigned admin control of those groups.  RA privileges include:

  • Approve membership requests.
  • Send notifications to members in their groups.
  • Create news & events.
  • Create surveys & voting.
  • Manage player profiles.
  • Upload newsletters & documents.
  • Access details of members in their access groups.

Note: An RA can edit content they enter themselves, or events/schedules entered by other admins that are targeted to access groups for which the RA has admin control.  And the ability to approve access requests or view/edit the member's list is given via a checkbox by a full admin on a restricted admin's member's card.

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