How do I edit the end-date of a recurring series of events?

It's not possible to edit the end-date of a recurring series.  You can archive/delete events within the series, or you can delete the entire series and re-enter from scratch.

The reason the end-date cannot be amended is there might be lots of events within the series that have important attendance tracking data or ticket sales or RSVP info etc...that may inadvertently be deleted by updating the end-date without consideration of the repercussions.


Carolina Hawks

I enter an event and click the wrong amend which I should have left blanked but that was only in a test run to make sure everyone could see the events. Therefore, I hit recurring every day but in corrections, I need to delete because it shows up everyday.

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Please go to one of these recurring events in your app or website, click the 3 x dots icon at top right and select 'archive all', and this will remove all events in the series.  You will then need to create a new event from scratch.

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