Surveys - Feature Summary


You can create a survey for your members. You set-up the details of your survey and send a notification to your members when your survey is open. Members will also be prompted to respond to your survey when they launch your team's app. Members who do not have a Team App account will receive an e-mail notification of your survey, but can only complete it once they become a registered Team App member.

YOUTH CLUBS: Primary Guardians of a child member will receive a survey targeted to their child's Access Group, and will complete it representing themselves, not the child. Non-primary guardians will not receive the survey.

Features in Surveys:

  • Create via the app or website.
  • Share results in news.
  • Export results for valuable reporting.
  • Target members.
  • Survey reminders.

How to Create:

  • Tap Settings from the main screen.
  • Tap Surveys.
  • Tap on the + to start.
  • Add the information required then press 'Create'.
  • Tap the Survey created.
  • Tap Add Question.
  • Create your Question then SAVE.
  • You can choose multiple choice or free-form answers.
  • When the Survey is Open members will receive a notification and see a banner on your team's home screen.

Note: Only admins can see a member's survey responses.

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