Why do I have to crop my photos ?

My photos don't fit....:

The image cropping for photos still allows the entire image to be uploaded, but we are just showing the 'preview area' which is what will be displayed in the news feed, events list etc..., which is a 16:9 (width x height) ratio image.  When clicked on via the app or website the image can still be viewed in full, we are just showing the portion of the image that will be displayed to members.


Shannon Long

How about allowing to add an image of any size(within limits) and having it automatically add any whitespace that is needed to bring the ratio to 16:9.

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Thanks for the feedback - we are going to implement a solution to this forced cropping early in 2021, so it will show you what area will be visible in the news and events feed etc..., but will still allow the image to be clicked on and viewed in its entirety.

      Kind regards,


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