Voting - Feature Summary


You can set up voting for any team you have created in the Teams feature of your app. Voters you have selected will receive a notification when voting opens, and can enter votes via the app any time within the voting period. There is no specific voting 'button' in the app, members enter their votes via a banner they will see in their app or directly via the push notification.

YOUTH CLUBS: Aligned parents or guardians cannot receive votes unless they exist in their own right within the Access Group.

Features in Voting:

  • Manage via the app or website.
  • Add multiple administrators to manage voting by team.
  • Automatic leaderboard tally.
  • Select specific voters & notify them in-app.
  • Voting reminders.

How to Create:

1. Tap Teams from the main screen.

2. Select the team you want to create voting.

3. Tap on Voting.

4. Add the information required then press SAVE.

5. When Voting is Open the member will see the banner below.

Note: A cumulative vote tally is displayed and votes can be exported into a CSV file for Excel (or any spreadsheet software).  Only admins who created the voting rounds for each team can see votes and the leaderboard.  They can add other admins to the voting for their team if required (via website dashboard only).

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