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Seems a recent update (requiring use to hit Save in a new screen when trying to RSVP yes) is not working. I am the admin for our group and my ID would automatically default to Yes for each even in the past. Now the default is Pending status (like everyone else in the group)? But when I try to change rsvp status to Yes, I get error message stating it is an invalid entry. Please help! My number is 215-385-0487. Thanks.

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      I don't believe anyone previously defaulted to 'yes' for an event, so not sure how that was happening?

      Please try deleting and re-installing the app, as perhaps it is a version issue?

      If problems remain please confirm the Team App name and an event in question so I can review.  Also make sure you are in the access group the event applies to.

      Kind regards,


          Baranov, Alex

          Hi Craig. The RE-install fixed the issue. Thanks!

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