Player Profiles - Feature Summary

Player Profiles:

To create a profile click the '+' in the app and 'create' on the website to enter your players. You can upload photos, enter a bio, position, number and also link to player stats on a website. A player sponsor option can be switched on as an additional revenue opportunity. Choose to list your profiles alphabetically or numerically, and allow all members to enter profiles or just admins.

IMPORTANT: Parent/Guardians can enter/edit a Player Profile for any child they are aligned to as a Primary Guardian.

Features in Player Profiles:

  • Add photo.
  • Add bio, position & number.
  • Link to one of your teams.
  • Add player sponsor to help generate revenue.
  • Add external link (stats).

How to Create:

  • Tap Player Profiles from the main screen.
  • Tap 'Create' to start.
  • Add the information required then press 'Create'.

Note: Public Members cannot create Player Profiles. Members of auto-approve Access Groups are treated the same as 'Public Members'. Each member can only enter a single profile per membership.  Primary guardians can enter profiles for child members they are aligned to.

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