How do I manage parents and children (YOUTH) on my team?

Managing parents and children on Team App:

  1. Enter your child members into your member's list.  You can do this one-by-one, or in bulk via the website dashboard / members / bulk import / YOUTH CSV template (if you use the CSV template you can import in the child's guardians also).
  2. Via the member's list click on any child member, where you can +add guardian.  Add one or more guardians to each child member (you can add guardian alignments in bulk via the YOUTH template - this will not duplicate any members). Guardians can be aligned to multiple children.
  3. You can give each guardian 'primary' or 'non-primary' privileges.  'Primary' guardians can reply in the app on behalf of their children for things like RSVP's, whilst 'non-primary' guardians have view-only rights.
  4. Ensure only the child members exist in each access group.  That way if you are collecting RSVP's or tracking attendance, only the child names will appear in your list of members.  Guardians will receive notifications relevant to the access groups their children belong to.
  5. You can manage access groups (eg. remove parents from their child's group) in bulk via the dashboard / members / bulk edit members.
  6. Any aligned guardians will be able to participate in chat rooms for the access groups their children belong to - they will be identified under their own details in the chat room.  They can also participate in private chats.  

There is instruction on managing members in YOUTH CLUBS throughout the website dashboard, so please review that information as required.

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