Chrome shows me an error message titled "Your connection is not private", what does that mean?

Connection not private errors:

First, wait a few minutes then try again.  We may be aware of the issue and fix it quickly.

If your problem persists, please review:

Are you using a school or business network?

  • Your network admin may have blocked our website and is trying to display a substitute page, or may be filtering our website for inappropriate content.  Contact your network admin to discuss allowing our site.

Are you logging in using a public WiFi connection, such as a cafe or bus stop?

  • The network may be trying to display a log-in page.  Please try another address or try to view as a test.

Are you accessing the website via a proxy or VPN?

  • Please try disconnecting the proxy or VPN

If none of the above items apply or you are unsure, please visit:

Please take a screenshot of that website and attach it to your support request.

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