How can a delegated admin see a full list of their Team Players ?

Dan Yarrow wrote...
Hi Support

Just wondering once members are registered to a team, how do we automatically populate the "player" list when they select their team from the main screen ?

I would have thought that once you are a member of a group, we could flag the user as a player and that would allow us to have all fields populate the team player list ?

Sorry if this has been answered before, however I havent seen this in the FAQ.

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      Craig. R (Team App Support) replied...


      Sorry but I'm not quite understanding your query.   When someone joins your app they will be asked to join one of the access groups you've created.  So if you create an access group for each team, then members would belong to those teams as required.  Then when sending news or creating events etc... you choose which access groups receive that info.

      But I have a feeling that is not your question, so please verify so I can assist.

      Kind regards,


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