The events feature is a great tool for notifying and reminding members about key dates in your team's calendar. And can also be used to create and sell tickets for your events.

Features in Events

Make Event Public or Private

Sell Tickets (Paid & Free),

Start and End Dates,

Set Reminders,

Track Attendance,

Request RSVP

Subscribe to Calendar,

Add Photos,

Add Videos, 

Feature Media, 

Add Location (Google Maps), 

Select Groups, 

Send Notification, 

Schedule to Send Later, 

Send Email (optional), 

Enable Comments,

IMPORTANT: To add ticketing to an event you must enable Stripe to collect payments. Ticketed events set to 'Public' allows any non-Team App member to buy a ticket via your App website.

How to Create

1. Tap Event from the main screen

2. Tap on the + to start

3. Add the information required then press 'Create'

Note: If uploading an image it should be a PNG, GIF or JPG and no more than 3MB in size. Videos should be in MP4 format and no more than 50MB in size.

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