How do I delete an event (single or recurring) or manual schedule?

Deleting events or manual schedules:

Via the smartphone app:

  • Click into a list view (not calendar view) of events and swipe on the event to bring up an 'archive' option.  This will archive that single event.
  • Click into the details of an event, where you can 'archive' or 'archive all' to remove a single event or all events if within a recurring series.

Via the website dashboard:

  • Click into a list view of events and click the little 'x' to archive that single event.
  • Click into the details of an event and you will see the option to 'archive' or it it's part of a recurring series 'archive all'.
  • You can also select 'archive & notify' which will remove that single event and notify members of its removal.

Note: Archive is the same as delete in that it will remove the content from your app, but it provides the full admin an opportunity to retrieve that content from the 'archives' on the dashboard (in the case of accidental deletion etc...) An admin can permanently remove content from the archives at any time.



Multiple events that are reoccurring that we’ve archived but if I delete one I delete all call the reoccurring events
Well I edit one single reoccurring event

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      By clicking into one of the occurrence of the recurring schedule you can delete just one - you can do this from the app or website.

      And at this time you can't edit an event within a series without affecting all others. What you need to do is delete a single occurrence, then re-create a standalone one in its place.

      We are working on being able to edit an event within a series, but it won't be in the short-term.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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