How do I delete my team app?

How do I delete my team?:

Hopefully you can assign admin control to another member, but if you really want to permanently delete your team: 

  • Go to your website dashboard via
  • Click the 'settings' button.
  • Click on the red delete button.

Any full admin can follow the above process to delete a team.


Paul Stubbs

Hi can you help I deleted my admin account accidentally and now when I log in I have no administration privileges....please could you delete my team Wespa fire athletics so I can start again, thanks

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      I have deleted the app by the name of Wespa Fire Athletics. I also freed up the name, so via your team's website dashboard, click on 'settings' and you can utilise this name again, and amend the website URL to any name you like also.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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