What if someone else has created an app for my club already?

What is an app has been created for my club already?:

Request to become a member of your team, and if appropriate request to be given admin approval (eg. you are an official or the coach).  If you believe your club has been created by someone without authority or you are not able to get access, please contact Team App via this support link to lodge a complaint.


Julie Andrews

Hi there
we have a number of 'other' acounts made by ex team members. They set theirs up not knowing we had a CLUB account.

Can these be deleted?
The Club name is Croydon City Arrows Soccer Club
There are 4 other accounts that need to be removed:
Croydon City Arrows U8 Joeys
Croydon City Arrows U10 Eagles
Croydon City Arrows
Under 14D Boys

These will confuse our current members.
Please help!!

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      I have confirmed those apps are inactive and have deleted them accordingly.

      Kind regards,
      Craig - Team App Support

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