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Hope you can assist with a couple of needs for my soccer team please

- we roster 2 players off each game. How best do I do this so parents/player can easily see (do I have to add it as a duty?)
- parents would like to add a note in private why their child can’t attend (It’s a requirement from our club).how can they do this so that admin can only see? As an admin I would also like to edit a attendance record with the comment eg sick or injured. how can I do this?

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      1.  Set-up RSVP's for your games, and in the RSVP section you can enter an event limit - eg. 5 x players.  You can then as an admin select your 5 x players as a 'yes', then enter anyone not playing as a 'yes' after the 5 are selected, and those who are 'yes' after the 5 x limit go onto a 'waiting list'.  This will be reflected by an orange label in their app, and in the yes/waiting section they'll be listed in 'waiting'.  So this might work?

      2.  It's not possible to enter 'attendance' with a note/comment at this time.  It's only a tick.  And at this time you also can't enter a reason for replying 'no'.  You can create RSVP questions, but these only come into play if a member replies 'yes'.   So unfortunately we don't provide a solution for either of your needs at this time.

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