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I have 4 or 5 duty roles per team within the club, is it possible to set up a duty roster within each team? Otherwise if I use the duty roster in schedule, the parents are scrolling through up to 75 duties... (or maybe i missed something??)


      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      The first step is to enter each of your teams in the 'teams' feature of your app.  Then tick the box in 'teams' to create a manual schedule for each team.  Then you can enter a schedule for each of these teams, so they display separately in your app by team.  Then you can set-up a 'Duty Roster' for each schedule entered for each team.

      And if you also create an 'access group' for each of these teams (via the website dashboard/ access groups), you can place members in those access groups, then the access groups you tick for each schedule will allow only those members in that group to take a duty for that schedule.   

      You can shuffle members in and out of access groups in bulk via your team's website dashboard / members / bulk edit members (via the 3 x dots icon).

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