Why do I have to crop my photos for news and events?

My photos don't fit....:

The image cropping tool for photos in news and events is to ensure images display in full across all smartphone, tablet and website screen sizes.  Allowing photos without cropping means when viewed in news and event feeds, the image might be missing important elements such as someone's head at the top of the image.  Considering these images may be viewed on your team's public facing website cropping is vital to ensure consistent sizing. 

For this reason there is a sizing ratio of 16:9 (width x height) which is in line with other social platforms.  So an image with pixel size of 320x180, 640x360 and so on.   Landscape images from a smartphone will also fit well.

If you have full-page images you are trying to upload such as a schedule or promotional poster, you can 'print as PDF' and attach them as a PDF to any news article or event. 

If there is an image you really need to upload in full that is not fitting, a workaround is to place that image into Powerpoint, MS Word or Keynote, then save it or screenshot it with some white space either side so the ratio is closer to 16:9, and then upload it.


Shannon Long

How about allowing to add an image of any size(within limits) and having it automatically add any whitespace that is needed to bring the ratio to 16:9.

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      Thanks for the feedback - we are going to implement a solution to this forced cropping early in 2021, so it will show you what area will be visible in the news and events feed etc..., but will still allow the image to be clicked on and viewed in its entirety.

      Kind regards,


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