How do I access the Admin Notification Report?

Accessing the admin notification report:

This report is available only in NEWS and only for articles posted with a notification to members (ie. not 'public' news).  It shows you which members received a push notification and/or e-mail, who has unsubscribed and who did not receive a message at all.

Accessing via the app:

  • Click into one of your news articles.
  • Click on the icon at top right of screen and select 'seen by'.
  • Click into each section to see the member names.

Accessing via the website dashboard:

  • Click into one of your news articles.
  • Click on the 'notified members' button and select the report.


Jennifer Huffman

Hello - I was receiving admin notification report emails until April 23rd - I have not received any since then. Was there a functionality change?

      Craig. R (Team App Support)


      It does seem that our admin notification reports have stopped sending and we are looking into this issue and hope to have it resolved within the next couple of weeks - sorry for the inconvenience in the meantime.

      Kind regards,


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